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About Bali Partopi Tao Batak Quartet

Each band member of Bali Partopi Tao has extensive musical talent, knowledge and expertise. We bring in many years of experience because we are have been playing and singing together since more than 10 years working in Bali/Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and China.

Batak band's music repertoire is endless and their passion for music, their professionalism & discipline are highly appreciated. Their flexibility to play in different venues, for any type of function or atmosphere is remarkable.

If in a bar environment, on stage, or as strolling musicians, their voices and instruments harmonize wonderfully no matter what music style. Country & Folk songs of various regions, top 40ís, 60ís, 70ís, Latin, international songs and rhythmís, are among their list of specialties.


Assignments :

Ramayana Hotel

Kuta Sea View Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

Club Med Hotel

Ramada Hotel

Janur Garden Hotel

Queen Bali Hotel